Friday, April 8, 2011

ISIS - 03.19.03

This is a live ISIS show recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. I saw one leg of this tour when they played The Hillel at UConn, Storrs. "Carry" was tighter than a Chipotle burrito!

Like with the S&G album, something fucked up happened during the ripping so it's one hour and five track. I'll list the start times of each song. Sorry.

The performance is a little shot so I'm going to include the liner notes that explain the predicament:
"This IS a professional live recording, unlike the previous installment of our live series. It was recorded at our live show in Stockholm, Sweden on March 19th, 2003 for broadcast on Swedish radio. This is certainly not the best set we ever played (there are audible mistakes, two members of the band were sick, we were nervous knowing that the show was being recorded for a radio broadcast), but it is one of the best recorded live sets we have in our possession, and serves as a good document of that particular tour. It is also a special recording for us as it showcases the live collaboration between members of ISIS and 27, who were our touring partners on this particular jaunt. Maria and Ayal joined us on stage every night of that tour, and it was ALWAYS the highlight of the set for us, and something we will always remember with great pleasure. Thanks to the following people for their help with this recording, the show it came from, and the production of this release: Greg Moss, all of 27, Nenne and the rest of the Swedish radio crew, Tim/Switchblade, Mike/TMU, Paul Jeffrey, Nick Zampiello, and Ipecac Recordings. This vinyl edition of this record was pressed in a one time run of 1000 copies, Courtesy of TMU. The CD version was produced as a one time run of 1000 copies by the band itself....."

When I saw this tour, "Maria and Ayal" did not join in on stage. I was pissed that Maria didn't step up for "Weight" because I thought that her voice would have been perfect. Now that I hear this recording, I'm glad she stayed in the background. Not to say that this recording is bad, whatsoever. But it's not something that you would give to someone to get them into ISIS.

i. from sinking [00:00]
ii. glisten [11:11]
iii. carry [18:18]
iv. weight [25:35] so close!
v. the beginning and the end [38:38]
iv. celestial (ext./alt. version)[48:48]

Note: I know as well as you do that there are not two track iv's, but that's exactly how the record is labeled. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that typos are overlooked on stoner metal records.

You're only going to find this one on eBay, so search for it.


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