Monday, April 11, 2011

Ten Years After - Recorded Live

"This album is a truthful recording of Ten Years After with no overdubs or additives. What you hear is what happened on the night. Recorded over four nights in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt and Paris with The Rolling Stones' mobile recording truck and later mixed from sixteen track to stereo at Olympic Studios in London. In answer to the inferior live recordings sold illegally: this is the official Ten Years After bootleg."

ME: Hey Dave, you ever heard Ten Years After?
CRAZY DAVE (my neighbor): YEA man! Dude! You know Paul McCartney? Well me and Paul McCartney have the same birthday, except I was born ten years after him--TEN YEARS AFTER! And I can remember the first time I heard the Beatles in my dad's basement, and ten years after THAT was Woodstock! You're too young, you probably didn't go to Woodstock. Neither did I. I was watching this other UK band play their first US show--LED ZEPPELIN. They were fuckin' GROOVY!
blah, blah, blah, this conversation actually lasted about 3 hours.



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